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Images from our camera will appear in 'Spotlights' and 'Headlights'. Featured will be images from uncommon [*to us & perhaps to others] locations within the province. -- Questions or comments will often accompany these images.

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                      #46-S -- Two old buildings on Hwy. 212 in East Selkirk, MB [2011]

                      #45-S -- 'Jim's Vintage Garages' in Headingley, MB [2009]

                      #44-S -- The former 'Birks Building' in Winnipeg [2007]

                      #43-S -- The locations of the former bastions of Upper Fort Garry [2007]

                      #42-S -- Prime Meridian Rd. at the 49th Parallel [2007]

                      #41-S -- The ghost town of Mowbray, MB [2006]

                      #40-S -- The museum in Saint-Georges, MB [2006]

                      #39-S -- Two buildings in Elm Creek [2006]

                      #38-S -- Room 210 in the Court of Queen's Bench in Winnipeg [2005]

                      #37-S -- An old house & outhouse on Henderson Hwy. near Winnipeg [2005]

                      #36-S -- A brick stable facing Joe Zuken Park in Winnipeg [2005]

                      #35-S -- The set from 'The Assassination of Jesse James...', in Winnipeg [2005]

                      #34-S -- Garage [Service] stations in Wasagaming, MB. [2005]

                      #33-S -- An old transit bus in Winnipeg [2005]

                      #32-S -- St. Elijah Romanian Church (near Inglis) [2005]

                      #31-S -- A 'mansion' north of Winnipeg, MB. [2005]

                      #30-S -- Old Pinawa Dam

                      #29-S -- An old plough(?) in Sanford, MB.

                      #28-S -- Old pillars from Kildonan Park in LaSalle, MB.

                      #27-S -- Two buildings in Emerson

                      #26-S -- The 'structure' in Ste-Rose-du-Lac

                      #25-S -- 'Gambling sticks' at the Forks in Winnipeg

                      #24-S -- The new boiler for the 'Prairie Dog Central'

                      #23-S -- 'First Church' near Vimy Park in Winnipeg

                      #22-S -- The 'Overwater Barn' south of Lockport

                      #21-S -- The 'iron crosses' at St.-Jean-Baptiste, Letellier, & Ste-Rose-du-Lac

                      #20-S -- Holmfield -- south-east of Killarney

                      #19-S -- The 'Sourisford Burial Mounds' between Coulter & Melita

                      #18-S -- 'Coulter Park' between Coulter and Melita

                      #17-S -- The 'Stone Fences' of Grand-Marais

                      #16-S -- 'Blacksmithing' at St. Norbert Farmers' Market

                      #15-S -- 'Fire Marks' at the 'Firefighters Museum' in Winnipeg

                      #14-S -- The 'Manitoba Club' in Winnipeg

                      #13-S -- The 'Principal Meridian' near Headingley

                      #12-S -- Église Enfant-Jésus Church in Richer, MB.

                      #11-S -- The arrival of the mail at 'Lower Fort Garry'

                      #10-S -- Sunken barn (?) east of Lockport on Hwy. 44 near Hwy. 206

                      #9-S --- 'World Trade Centre' Steel Site at the Int'l Peace Garden

                      #8-S --- Killarney and nearby

                      #7-S --- "Characters' near Brokenhead

                      #6-S --- 2 PPCLI's 'Freedom of the City' parade in Winnipeg.

                      #5-S --- The 'safes' at Red River Community College (Princess St. - Winnipeg)

                      #4-S --- Old house in Fraserwood

                      #3-S --- 'Strike', the play -- in Winnipeg [2005]

                      #2-S --- 'Vaughan St. jail' in Winnipeg.

                      #1-S --- Section markers (?) in Headingley & elsewhere

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Viewers' Comments

(1) Thanks to Dean Armstrong (Winnipeg) and John Kosowski (Winnipeg) for informing us of the correct spelling of 'capital'. It appears that 'capitol' is used only in the U.S.A. when referring to state capitols.