Manitoba, eh?!   

Show us the flag of 'Manitoba, eh?!'

-- The rationale for this design appears below the flag. --

  • Blue colour:

    Ours is the ‘Keystone Province’, as denoted by the blue shape. This feature represents stability & strength, & demonstrates the province’s role in solidifying Canada into one great nation.

    The blue colour illustrates that our province’s skies are some of the sunniest in Canada, resulting in many hours of blue sky.

    Blue is the colour of the surfaces of its over 100 000 lakes & many rivers.

  • Red & white colours:

    The red and white colours on each side, being those of the Canadian flag, denote that we are proud Canadians.

    The two red and white sections are equal in size, and with the blue shape in the middle reveal that the longitudinal centre of Canada passes through our province.

  • The four colours of the flag:

    Some of the four colours are included in many of the flags of provinces & countries whose people, past & present, have chosen to make Manitoba their home.

  • The name 'Manitoba':

    Many U. S. state flags contain the name of their state.

  • The Golden Boy:

    (1) The golden colour of the Golden Boy is symbolic of the golden opportunities that abound within
    our province.

    (2) Its ‘in-motion’ stance illustrates the forward-looking attitude of Manitobans.

    (3) Its lofty position on the Manitoba Legislative Building speaks of our high expectations.

    (4) Its youthful appearance is a reminder that our youth will be performing a significant role in Manitoba’s future.

    (5) We are proud to possess and to boast about our ‘Golden Boy’, this grand statue that is one of the most unique in North America. It is majestic in its form, bright colour, & location.

    (6) Possibly, it is the most memorable visual item for visitors to Manitoba & for former residents of the province.

    (7) Judging by the interest shown by Manitobans when the Golden Boy was being refurbished, we know that the statue is a deep source of pride for us.

    (8) It sits atop the provincial building, and on provincial grounds, where elected representatives from throughout the province enact legislation that affects all Manitobans. It is this location that ‘binds’ all Manitobans together.

    (9) To be found on this Government of Manitoba website :
         [a] "a magnificently gilded ... figure"
         [b] "The Golden Boy probably Manitoba's best known symbol".
         [c] "...he has stood proud as a symbol for all Manitobans."
         [d] "Embodying the spirit of enterprise and eternal youth..."

    (10) On page 37 of Destination Winnipeg's 2007 Visitor's Guide, 'Winnipeg -- all inclusive', is stated :
              "Visit Manitoba's number one citizen, the beloved 'Golden Boy', ....."

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