Manitoba's Uncommon Sites and Sights
Spotlight #8 --- Killarney & nearby

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  • What is known about the items shown below?

    Image #1 -- in Killarney at the NW corner of Mountain and Lake.

    Image #2 -- A building named the 'Heritage House' in Killarney

    Image #3 -- west of Killarney & approx. 5 km (3 miles) east of the junctions of Highways 3 & 10

  • Who were these people?

  • Note the object to the right.

    Image #4 -- The object from Image #3

  • What is this object?

    Viewers' Comments

    Anonymous --[Re: images 3 & 4] -- I believe this to be a cattle oiler in a pasture. The orange container has holes in the bottom and it contains a mixture of oil and pesticide. The liquid drips throgh the holes and soakes the canvass below, and the cattle walk through under it and their backs become covered with the liquid, thus keeping the flies from bothering them.

    I hope I am correct, but if not I would also like to know what it is.

    Gerry Blixhavn [Killarney, MB] -- [Re: image 2] The Heritage House in Killarney was built in the early 1940's (I believe 1942) [from Paul -- 1915?] for the Research Station Manager of the Experimental Government Farm that was originally in that location.

    I can confirm that the item in pictures #3 and #4 is a cattle oiler.

    Marge Smirl [location ?] -- I was talking to Everett Tripp today. He lived in the Ninga area before retiring to Killarney and is very interested in history. He said that Mr. Shannon and 3 or 4 neighbours all had the same first name -- William.

    They used to go to the Turtle Mountains south of their farms to cut wood. They discovered a lake there and as it had no name they called it Lake William. It is now part of a provincial campground and is a lovely place for picnics and is the starting place for a nice hike up "The Turtle's Back" which is the highest point in the area.

    Ed Ledohowski [Winnipeg, MB] (re: image#2) -- advised that information may be obtained by clicking here.