Manitoba's --- Uncommon Sites and Sights
Spotlight #5 --- The safes at the Red River Community College
on Princess St. in Winnipeg

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  • A letter received from the campus states that the safes were located on the 2nd & 3rd floors of the original building built at 160 Princess St. in 1898. When renovations were made recently, the doors of the safes were moved to the first floor.

  • When were the safes brought to Winnipeg and installed?

  • What company(ies) required the safes?

  • What is known about the manufacturers of these safes?

    Image #1a -- See image #2 for a closer view.

    Image #1b -- The builder of the safe in image #1

    Image #2 --
    • Who was the artist who created this work?
    • In what year was artwork done?.

      Image #3a -- Note the woodwork across the top.

      Image #3b --
      Is there anything known about this manufacturer/seller of the safe from image #3a?

      Image #4 -- Another safe around the corner from the others

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