Manitoba's Uncommon* Sites and Sights
Spotlight #44-S -- The former 'Birks Building' in Winnipeg

It is stated on the Manitoba Historical Society's website "The building was converted into a structure with rich Italian Renaissance features with the major addition being the creation of a detailed mosaic frieze, representing King Solomon and his assembly with the Queen Sheba, located across the top of the exterior in the Smith and Portage sides.

The other major elements added were seven medallions on the top exterior or the Portage facade. These medallions indicated the source of the precious and semi-precious stones used by Birks in their trade, such as an elephant representing ivory and a diver searching for pearls."

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The frieze, beginning with the right end:

The six medallions below the frieze:

The medallion on the west side of the building:

What words appear on this left top section of the frieze? What does 1999 refer to?

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