Manitoba's Uncommon Sites and Sights
Spotlight #41-S --- (1) the ghost town of Mowbray
               (2) the nearby Canada-U.S.A. border markers

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The owner of the property to the west of town related that he had lived on his farm since he was a child. -- He provided the information in regard to images #1 & #2.

Image #1 -- The building on the far right is located on the Canadian side of the border, and the structure on the far left is on American soil. -- The rectangled fenceposts in the centre mark the border.

Image #2 -- This train station is in its original location. -- A railroad track went through town at some point in the past.

Images #3(a)(b) -- These poles are approx. one km. east of Mowbray. The pole in the left image seems to be located on the border. There is a modern marker in the distance.   In the right image, there is an image of the same modern marker. -- Is the marker on the left an old border marker?


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