Manitoba's Uncommon Sites and Sights
Spotlight #38 --- The Court of Queen's Bench in Winnipeg is situated in the

in the Law Courts Building.

This courtroom, Room 210, is the only one in Canada that is constructed of marble.

The images below were taken at a mock trial during an 'open house' in 2005.

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Note below 2 images of the same object. The one on the left (taken with a flash) is close to the correct colour of the marble in the room. The colour on the right is therefore incorrect, but will be similar in colour to most of the images that appear below. When another opportunity arises, I will attempt to correct this inaccuracy in colour.

Image #1 -- A view of the courtroom from behind the gallery.

Image #2 -- A closer view of the skylight

For another perspective on this skylight, click here.

For more information on the Fibonacci numbers, click here.

Image #3 -- The judge & his clerk(?)

Image #4 -- The defendant's box(?)

Image #5 -- An 8-petalled golden flower

Image #6 (a)(b)(c) -- Three images in the cove behind the judge

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