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Spotlight #31S -- A 'mansion' north of Winnipeg, MB [2005]

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This house is located on Addis Ave. north of Hwy 101 & between highways 7 & 8 [near Winnipeg]. -- What is known about this 'mansion'?

Viewers' Comments

Christian Cassidy (?, MB) has drawn my attention to the similarities between the statues on this building and those to be seen below from Fort Garry Place. -- He claims that Fort Garry Place was built by Martin Bergen.

Mirium Bergen (?, MB) , the daughter of Martin Bergen, confirmed that her father had built Fort Garry Place. -- She stated that her father did not build the structure on Addis Ave.

Sheldon Friesen (?, MB) I believe that this building was originally built (in the 1990’s) by Martin Bergen, as his personal residence. He is the developer who built Fort Garry Place, so the similarity is no coincidence. He also built the “Castle on the Seine” on Niakwa Place – it has a very similar appearance.