Manitoba's  Uncommon Sites and Sights
Spotlight #29 -- The old plough(?) in Sanford, MB.

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  • Is this a plough? Was it horse-drawn?
  • If so, what type of plough?
  • When & where was it used?
  • How old is it?

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    Viewers' Comments

    Ed Ledohowski (?, MB) -- The item of machinery is not a plough, it's a road grader which was pulled by two teams of horses or mules. This type of grader was also pulled by steam tractors before self propelled graders became available.

    I came across a similar one on an abandoned farmstead near Brandon during a heritage building inventory I was conducting back in 1981. Several years later I noticed that the grader had been relocated to the site of the Elton Municipal office a few miles north of Brandon and was cleaned up, painted and put on display.

    -- Edward M. Ledohowski is the Heritage Designation Officer in the Historic Resources Branch of 'Manitoba Culture, Heritage & Tourism'.

    Sheldon Friesen (?, MB) -- This appears to be an old horse-drawn road grader.