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Spotlight #27 --- Two buildings in Emerson

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What is history of this house in images 1 (a)(b)(c)?
Images #1(a)(b)(c) -- West Lynne Manor

What is history of this structure in images 2 (a) & (b)?
Images #2(a)(b) -- Masonic Museum

Viewers' Comments

James McClelland (Emerson, MB) -- The house in the image [1 (a)] was built in the late 1890's by Emerson businessman Geo. Pocock. It was built from field stones hauled from the the Overstone Area abut 10 miles east of Emerson. Rumour suggests that the home was built to satisfy the needs of Pocock's English wife who apparently had lived in stately homes in England. -- Information about the Pocock family can be found in the Provincal Archives.

Many changes have been made to the original mansion.

The plaque however remains a mystery. The home was owned by numerous people & it is possible that Minnie Adams or her family may have owed it.

Paul/Joyce Armstrong (Winnipeg, MB) -- Mulligan & Ryder's 'Ghost Towns of Manitoba' states that the house pictured in images 1(a) to (c) is the last remaining building of the former town named 'West Lynne'.
Ed Ledohowski [Winnipeg, MB] (re: image#2) -- advised that information may be obtained by clicking here.