Manitoba's Uncommon Sites and Sights
Spotlight #22 -- The 'Overwater Barn' south of Lockport -- located on Overwater Ave., off the 'River Road' (Hwy.?? ) about 1-2 km. north of Larter's Golf Course.

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P/J Armstrong -- The text that follows is our recollection of our conversation with the landowner (and his wife), who is a descendant of the builder (Mr. ? Overwater).

The barn (images shown below) was constructed in 1903. The builder left Missouri about in 1898, and the lumber was transported from Missouri (tree type unknown, but does not grow in Manitoba). The boards are arranged vertically, which is typical of mid-western USA. The barn is bolted together instead of being nailed together. It has never been painted.

Its height is 65 ft. plus 4 more ft. ( ___ m) for weather vane housing. The owner claims that it is the tallest barn in Canada. There are two floors, with the first floor up to top of the foundation, & the second floor occupying the remainder of the barn. Eaton's Dep't Store employees had their barn dances on the second floor for many years.

The property extended as far back as St. Andrews Airport. The large garden operation supplied vegetables to food stores.

The house behind the barn is the original, but as been renovated several times.

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