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Spotlight #20 --- Holmfield -- south-east of Killarney

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Image #1 -- Is this a flour mill, an elevator, or both? How lomg has this company operated this building? Still in use?

Image #2 -- The stone-work of the building in image #1.

Images #3(a) & (b) -- A concrete bridge near the building in image #1.

Images #4(a)(b)(c) -- The bank safe/vault?

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Viewers' Comments

B. Denham [Winnipeg, MB] -- We lived in Killarney for seven years and knew the family that ran the mill. The Harrison family still live in Holmfield and were running the mill when we left in 1998. Since then they have closed it down (somewhere I have the date), but until then they opened at regular intervals for tours and for actual milling.

Chris Goodwin [location ?] -- This flour mill was owned and operated by the Harrison family for many years. I think it only closed up a few years ago.

P & J Armstrong [Winnipeg, MB] -- It seems that the mill operated during a portion of 3 centuries. -- For add'l information, scroll down to 'The Holmfield Flour Mill' after clicking here .

Ken Storie [Brandon, MB] -- I grew up in Baldur - and in the 50's my dad would take some wheat to Holmfield and return with flour. In a way, the Holmfield mill represents the second generation of mills, built in towns situated along rail lines. The first ones were built near the rivers. -- Click here for Ken's website.