Manitoba's Uncommon Sites and Sights
Spotlight #2 --- Vaughn St. Jail in Winnipeg -- constructed 1881

These pictures were taken during the 'Doors Open Winnipeg' event in 2004.

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Image #1 -- This is one of the guides, Kristen Verin-Treusch, playing the role of a jailor. -- She is the owner and operator of the Muddy Water Tour Company and she initiated the Friends of the Vaughn Street Jail.

Image #2 -- Examine the 'tools of the trade' on the jailor's belt.

Image #3 -- Another of the guides is __??

Image #4 -- __??__ was also a guide.

Image #5 -- We do not have a name or picture for our other guide. Can somebody help us out?

Image #6 -- This is the cell of a condemned prisoner. Most cells are smaller and without a table.

Image #7 -- A prisoner's bed/couch/chair.

Image #8 -- The bolt on an individual cell.

Image #9 -- For what purpose might this room have been used?

Image #10 -- These are the master handles to lock down several cells.

Image #11 -- Our jailor/guide reminds us to behave ourselves or else...

Image #12 -- This is the dome of the building from outside.

Image #13 -- This is the same dome from inside.

Image #14 -- Here are the wooden replacements for the windows
from the outside.

Image #15 -- This is a wooden window replacement from the inside.

Image #16 -- We are looking at a room where prisoners were kept. Were individual cells there at that time? What type of inmates were kept there?

  • What years was this jail in operation?
  • Did the prisoners have any recreational time, wash time, etc.?
  • Was the building used as a detention centre for youths?
  • Were any 'famous' inmates incarcerated here?

    Viewers' Comments

    (1) Don & Pat Armstrong [Winnipeg] -- re 'Image #16', relate that their guide (Christine) informed her group that this room contained approx. 6 cells & held hardened criminals.

    (2) Paul Armstrong [Winnipeg] -- According to the documentary entitled ?? and produced by Frantic Films, Ken Leishmann was the sole prisoner in 19??. He escaped from this institution.

    (3) Paul Armstrong [Winnipeg] -- The Manitoba Historical Society's ?? edition of their publication 'Manitoba History' includes an article by Kristen Verin-Treusch that is entitled "Criminal, Lunatics and Loose Women: Always a Swinging Time at the Vaughn Street Jail".