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Spotlight #19 --- The 'Sourisford Burial Mounds' south-west of Coulter

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Image #1 -- The information

Image #2(a) -- Is this a large burial mound?

Image #2(b) -- A green line has been added to show the top of the mound.

Image #2(a)

Image #2(b) --The mound with the green line added.

Image #3(a) -- Are we interpreting correctly? -- It appears to us that there are three long shallow linear mounds (the arched green lines attempt to show the slope of the mounds) 'running' in front of us toward the herd of cows. They resemble 'waves' on a lake.

Image #3(b) -- The same picture without the green lines -- the mounds are difficult to detect in this 2-D image

Image #4 -- There are a large number of rocks in this one small spot. Is this a result of nature or of man's work?

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