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Spotlight #18 --- 'Coulter Park' -- between Coulter and Melita

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Image #1 -- 'Coulter Park' entrance -- That's Joyce!

Image #2 -- 'Coulter Park' facts

Image #3 -- The plaque on the log cabin shown in Image #4

Image #4 -- The log cabin

Image #5 -- A house near the park, but not the one referred to in Image #2.

What is the history regarding this house?

Viewers' Comments

Jim Downey (Former M. L. A. for Arthur- Virden) [location - ?] -- My late father Wallace Downey worked hard for many years to have the burial mounds recognized as a historic site. He was also very much involved in the upkeep of Coulter Park and was Head of the Pioneer Picnic Association.

His step-grandfather Frank Coulter was one of the first settlers in that area and of course, the town name of Coulter was named after him. The log cabin pictured in the park was reconstructed with the help of Alex Downey my Grandfather.

Another piece of history is that Captain Large built a sizeable steam powered paddle boat in Coulter and the boat had to be transported over 2 miles to the Souris River where it was operated for tours and freight .It ended up being used on the Assiniboine River near Brandon freighting coal. Part of a paddle wheel is at Coulter Park .

I was born and raised on the family farm at Coulter so am extremely pleased to see the time and effort you have spent showcasing what is so important to me and my family.

Ken Storie [Brandon, MB] -- The Coulter Park is a Municipal Heritage Site. -- Click here to access the website.