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Spotlight #14 --- Images from Winnipeg's

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Image #1 -- This creation has been constructed from actual dog hair. Who was the artist? -- For a enlarged view, see Image #2

Image #2 -- Enlarged view of the two dogs

Image #3 -- An arm of a sofa

Image #4 -- A picture of Upper Fort Garry

The artist's name appears to read as '_?_ Lewis 1894[1884?]'. Is anyone able to read the missing name? Is anything else known about this artist?

Images #5 & 6 -- Who is the artist?


Image #7 -- The top of the staircase

Image #8 -- A painting by

Image #9 -- The billiard room

Image #10 -- The scoreboard

This plaque appears to read "__?__ & Watts -- 19 Soho Square, London". What is the missing word? Is anything known about this company?

See 'Viewers' Comments" below.


Image #11 -- Note the V/R for Victoria/Regina.

I was told that the branches of the plants represent England, Scotland, Ireland & Canada. Which plant is associated with which country?

Viewers' Comments

Karen Hanuschuk [Hazelridge, MB] -- Re Image #11 -- The branches illustrated in the glass are the emblems of Great Britain and Canada - Rose (England), Thistle (Scotland), Shamrock (Ireland) and Maple Leaf (Canada).
Siusan Hample [?] -- Re Image #10 -- The name that is difficult to read appears to be
'Burroughes & Watts'.