Manitoba's Uncommon Sites and Sights
Spotlight #13 --- The 'Principal Meridian' marker, west of Headingley

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Image #1 -- Where was the exact location of the 'first marker' denoted on the plaque shown below? Why was that location chosen?

Would not the so-called 'first marker' have been placed on the Canada-U.S. border?

Why is such an historic road of such minor significance now? Several sections of it are now mud trails or non-existent.

Image #2 -- The camera is facing north & onto the south side of the marker.

Why does a 'Meridian Road' not exist here? The crops seem to be growing across the 'road allowance'.

Viewers' Comments

Don & Cheryle McClure (Gordon) -- [It] Does exist further north in the RM of Rosser.
Harold Reid [west of Teulon] -- I reside on a farm 9 miles west of Teulon on Provincial Road 415 (SW/19/16/1 East). There is a road allowance to the east of my property which is the Prime Meridian and known as Prime Meridian Road.

I would assume that the Prime Meridian Marker on Hyw 1 is on a road allowance and the land to the north and south should be a road allowance.

That would be a good question to bring up with the Provincial Government. Is whoever using that property farming a road allowance? And why is the Prime Meridian not marked at different locations. Your website is very interesting.

Sheldon Friesen (?-MB) -- Although this marker coincides with the principal meridian where it crosses the Trans-Canada, the immediate area was possibly surveyed under the old river lot system, so the section roads do not apply in this area.