Manitoba, eh?!

Sir William Stephenson, C.C.

for Stephenson :

  Sir -- denotes knighthood into the order of Knights Bachelor .
C.C. -- denotes the Companion of the Order of Canada .

William Stephenson, (known as 'The Man Called Intrepid'), was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

memorialized in Winnipeg by :

                   (1) a road named 'William Stephenson Way' , nearby the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

                   (2) a statue labelled 'Sir William Stephenson' , in Memorial Park near York Ave. & Memorial Blvd.

Choose from :

          (1) Highlights of his life and career

          (2) His medals, awards, etc.

          (3) Does he have a connection to 'James Bond 007'?

          (4) Why the title 'Sir William Stephenson, C.C.'?

          (5) The Intrepid Society, Inc.

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